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Free Up Time, Boost Profits

Stop Wasting Time on Bookkeeping.
Start Growing Your Business.

Get 60+ hours of your time back each year with Rose Knows Bookkeeping handling your finances.


Reclaiming 60 hours on average to spend on sales, marketing, or strategic planning.

Gaining peace of mind knowing your books are accurate and up-to-date.

Uncovering hidden profits with my financial insights.

You can focus more on running your business and delegate the bookkeeping to someone who will do it accurately.

If you do it yourself, you could make mistakes, and your CPA will charge more to clean up your books or help you, than an experienced remote bookkeeper like myself would.

A bookkeeper can advise on business expenses you never knew you could deduct, or expenses you were never aware of.

A bookkeeper, like myself, may be less expensive, as opposed to your CPA’s office doing your bookkeeping.

Don't just manage your business, make it prosper. Leave the bookkeeping to me.

We Serve:

Creative and Performing Arts
Vegan Businesses
Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Businesses
Health and Wellness Businesses

Meet the team

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